Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tax Day -- well, almost!

Today is April 14, the day before Tax Day!

It'll serve as tax day for me, though. I mean -- Why wait until the last minute? Right?
Later today, I'll send in my 2014 tax return with a little extra for my dear ol' Uncle Sam.

Although I hate that I have to send more than what was withheld, there is also the realization that our collective taxes provide for our way of life in the USA. I know that there is plenty of waste in our government. Believe me, as a federal employee I've seen plenty of it firsthand. I'd say the biggest waste of my tax dollars in recent years is paying the salary of my Congressman. He has done nothing that the party leadership hasn't instructed him to do. He is a party puppet without an original thought in his head.

Other than that and the wasted money over votes to repeal the ACA and investigations on Benghazi and other bureaucratic crap, we have a decent way of life in the US. Our military (even with its bureaucratic wastes) protects us and deters others from attacking us. We have decent roads, public transportation (in most cities) and a solid infrastructure.
And we have the means to fix the problems that government creates with the opportunity to vote in new leadership on a regular basis. (Why we choose to keep sending the same morons --from both parties-- back into office is beyond me!)

If you overpaid in your withholding for 2014 and are getting a refund -- Congratulations!
If you have to pay a little more -- I'm with you.

In either case, let's make our country the very best we can and put the people into office that will spend our money wisely (for a change).

John <><


Mike said...

By paying some money on April 15th it means you didn't give the government an interest free loan for a year.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I'm all for supporting the government -- with proper means.