Monday, August 26, 2013

Tell Your Story

In reading through the Gospels,, we find stories of a people that had unusual encounters with Jesus. They were unusual in that Jesus was able to do what no one had ever done before. He healed lepers of their dreaded disease. He caused the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the mute to speak and the crippled to walk. He even caused the dead to come back to life!

Pretty incredible stuff!

The people that were touched by His miraculous ministry couldn't help but tell others about it. The crowds followed after him seeking more great signs and to listen to his teaching; to see for themselves if this was the expected Messiah.

As one who has had a spiritual encounter with Jesus, shouldn't I (and you, too, if you have had such an encounter) be telling my story? I know that not everybody has a fantastic "saved from the gutters of life" kind of story. Thankfully, most of us don't have a "prison salvation" or near death kind of salvation story. You may even think that you have a boring story.

How can an encounter with the God of the universe be boring?

Perhaps we've become too familiar with our God. I am so thankful that He allows us this wonderful relationship that the sons and daughters of God can come before Him as...well, as sons and daughters. We don't have to wait while the masses vie for His attention; we can walk right to the front of the line and speak with our Heavenly Father. We are the adopted brothers of His Son, Jesus.

It's a pretty big deal!

Even if your grew up in a home that knew Jesus; even if you first encountered Him at a young age--you have a story to tell. And our stories must go beyond that first encounter. What of the daily encounters with Our Lord and Savior. Have these become so common that we no longer value them? Have we taken for granted that we are lost and condemned without Him? Have we forgotten that spiritually speaking, we all have "saved from the gutter" stories? Have we become so puffed up with ourselves that we think that we deserve a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus?

If it's been a while since you've shared your story, share it with somebody--today!

You can use me as an excuse if you need one. Just say, "A blog I read was encouraging believers to share their conversion stories. I really haven't done that in a while. Can I practice on you?"

When you've finished (keep it brief if you can), you might ask them to share their story. If they don't have a story, you may have an opportunity to tell them about God's great love and how He desires to have a personal relationship with them through Jesus!

Knowing Jesus is a big deal!
Tell your story.

John <><

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Dino said...

How can I read a request to relay how Christ's love has affected my life without responding? Passing up the opportunity would bring regret and a sense of guilt. Christ is first in mind on waking each morning. During my yawn and stretch time I ask His guidance in all things encountered and to be shown new ways to honor him in each simple activity and word spoken; that heavenly grace lead me where He would have me go and angels surround me with loving warmth. His love is reflected in a child's smile from a car seat in the back of a suv stopped in the next lane at a traffic signal and in the weak eyes of an elderly gentleman I assist in reaching an item on a low shelf in the market, pale blue eyes twinkling thanks with an almost palpable bond of Christian love. Even for helping me stop my car suddenly as a traffic signal changes. Speeding through could have cause an accident; a reminder to slow down. His love is all around. We only have to be open to seeing.