Sunday, August 04, 2013

Quiet Homes and Dysfunctional Families

Have you ever had that experience of family coming to visit--it could be grown kids coming home, parents coming to visit, siblings or other relatives--and then experiencing the quiet and almost lonely feeling when they are gone?

I'm talking about people that you really love and really miss and really don't want them to go--or you don't want to have to go.

I realize that there are families that don't get along. Families that rarely, if ever, keep in touch with one another. When they do call or visit, it's more out of a sense of guilt or obligation than out of love for one another.

I wonder if that's how God feels on Monday mornings. The kids have all gone about their own busy lives and won't be back again until next week--makes for a kind of lonely and quiet week. They may gather together once or twice during the week, but they don't really plan on including Him in their mid-week get-togethers. There will be no conversations during the week--unless we need something. We'll drop by on the weekend because we're expected to; not because it's what we really want to do. There are other things--more important things--that we would rather be doing. Things like being with our kids for sporting activities or a day at the lake. Surely God would understand our need for family time, right? Maybe we'll just skip our visit for this week...and maybe for next week, too. After all, what's the big deal with going to church? Isn't God everywhere?

The problem is that we don't acknowledge God everywhere. In fact, we pretty much ignore Him everywhere. He's like an old parent that is troublesome to acknowledge before our friends. We would rather that they didn't know that we belong to Him.

Weird thoughts, I know.
Just wondering...

John <><


Brenda Eldred said...

Not weird thoughts. I grew up in a quiet orderly home but it was extremely dysfunctional. Part of us believed in God and part of us didn't. Never talked about God, he was part of my outside the home life. Thankfully I have learned that I must include God in my daily life or I have nothing but disorder and confusion. When I lean most on the Lord, life is good, even with all its problems. One day I hope I get to the place that it is a moment by moment walk and not just daily situation, that causes me to call out to him. Thank you for the reminder. I need to spend more time with the Lord now.

Brenda Eldred said...

Not weird, I grew up in a quiet orderly home that was very much dysfunctional. Part of us believed in God the other part didn't. Wasn't a conversation in our home. Thank you for the reminder that I need to spend more time each day with the Lord. Things go much better when I do.