Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mid-June Notes

Saturday morning, the 15th of June.

I figured that I'd write a quick update on how the "new John" is progressing.
On June 1st I weighed in at 258# and (once again) decided that something has to be done to get some of this weight off. Since I recently shaved the grey beard and mustache off, I have a daily reminder as I look into the mirror and see a fat, round face staring back at me.

I'm not trying to overdo the weight loss by hitting it with a quick loss--been there, done that in the past. I am trying to develop some good habits around eating and exercise. Other than the weekend at kids' camp, I've managed to eat much healthier foods (it helps that Chris is also eating healthier) and in generally smaller portions. I haven't really made the decision to cut anything out, but am pretty aware of the impact any "bad" foods will have on my progress and have managed to talk myself out of the occasional candy bar or ice cream snack.

Since my family has a few regular runner/cyclists that post their daily exercise habits via RunKeeper, I've joined them in doing the same. Too bad I haven't figured a way to document stair climbing on it. The app even bugs you if you haven't done anything in a couple of days!

I also have the advantage of a brother that keeps encouraging me to keep up with it by checking up on me and sharing his own progress and struggles. All-in-all, after the first 14 days of June I weighed in at 250#. I am pleased with the 8# loss for the first two weeks, but don't expect it to continue to come off at that rate. I would really like to see another 12# come off in the next six weeks so that I could make our end of July family reunion at -20# and on the low side of the 240 mark.

I don't know that I have an end goal in mind. I'm sure that I would feel good at 230, but realistically still need to drop another 20#. 228 would make it an even 30# loss which is a good number if I decide to "set a goal." In the end, I think I'll be happy with the weight that healthy diet and exercise places me.

Today's scheduled exercise will be mowing the yard and some less strenuous hanging out at a friend's pool. I'm pretty sure that I'll manage some time on the exercise bike as I watch the UFC fights later tonight.

I'd better get out there and attack the yard before it gets too hot (or starts raining)!
Enjoy your weekend!

John <><

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