Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Well I have successfully managed to put another year in the history books--not that anything historical happened, it's just that I am another year older.

For those of you that are Facebook friends, thank you for all of the birthday wishes that I received. For those of you that are not, you can find me here or on Twitter, here.

I have celebrated the passing of another year by: sleeping about 3 hours after working the mid, watching an afternoon Cardinals' baseball game, spending about an hour on the phone talking to my kids, wasting the afternoon so that I wouldn't have to mow the lawn (it'll be there tomorrow and who wants to do that on their birthday?), putting in 40 minutes on the exercise bike and now waiting to go out to dinner with Chris and some friends before catching a brief nap and heading in for another midnight shift!

I guess you could say that I'm not much of a party animal.

Tomorrow I'll start my 54th trip around the sun by cutting the lawn and getting on with my extremely blessed life. Earlier this week, I made the comment to somebody that had asked about Children's camp that I've been doing Hopedale's kids' camp for about 15 years and we have never been rained out--not even for a day! I said that I think that we are His favorites! That's not to say that we won't get rained on next year or that we will no longer be God's favorite. It's just the overall attitude of the camp staff is that God is going to show up and manifest Himself in the lives of the kids and the workers in a way that is unmistakably God.

I pretty much feel that way about my life, too. I know that God loves you--that He loves all of His children, but I really feel like I'm his favorite! Though not a man of great wealth, I have been blessed with more than I need. Though not a man of great education or knowledge, I have been blessed with understanding and an ability to share His Word. Though not a man of influence, I have been given the opportunities to witness the work of the Holy Spirit of God change hearts and lives through the words He has given to me.

I have no idea what this next trip around our sun will hold for me. Nevertheless, you are invited to drop by Out of My Hat often to find out what God is up to in the life of a favored servant. Feel free to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook. Thanks for checking up on me.

John <><

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