Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Apple a Day...

I like apples. Growing up it was mostly Red Delicious. I think that apples were mostly divided into eating apples and baking apples. As a kid, there were red apples and green apples. I'm note sure how old I was when I realized that some apple were always green. I thought it was just the ones that weren't quite ripe.

Today there are many new varieties of apples. Several years ago, I read an article that talked about the genetic engineering of red delicious apples and how they had managed to produce a larger, redder, more crisp apple, but in the process had lost the flavor that also had made it the once king of apples.

I'm thinking about this now because one of my co-workers (actually a supervisor) brings her apple of choice to work every day-- a Jazz apple. I decided to try one. It was a good apple--crisp, not too sweet, tasty. Generally speaking, I usually choose a Gala or Fuji. It may be that they are common, popular and available. Or it could be that I would choose them because I like the flavor. I think that the Honey Crisp are too sweet so I don't usually choose them.

Here is a link to a site that lists many apple varieties, their characteristics and the time of year that they are at their best.

All of this has been to ask--What is your apple of choice? And Why?

I'm thinking that I will need to conduct a taste test of sorts--several slices of a variety of apples. Maybe I'll use my co-workers as guinea pigs or maybe I'll just conduct it for myself and trust myself to not to be prejudice based on my pre-test preferences.

Any takers?
What is your favorite apple?
What do you like about it?

John <><

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