Friday, March 08, 2013

The Ministry Month in Review

It has been a little while since I've sat with the intent to write a meaningful post. This post won't mean much to most of you, but it helps me to keep things in perspective as life tends to hurry by.

Typically winter is a slow time in my ministry programs. That's okay, we all need those times to reflect, retool and recharge our areas of ministry. From time to time I have the opportunity to perform a magic program for a Valentine Day dinner at a church, although it has been several years since I've done this. This year I received three calls for the same Saturday night!

Pastor Jim Erwin won the first call contest by contacting me through LinkedIn, a social network for business contacts. This was my first booking made through LinkedIn! And although I have served with Pastor Jim in the past, this was my first trip to the First Baptist Church of Washburn MO. I hope to be able to serve there again in the future.

The following Saturday night found me in Buckhorn MO at the First Baptist Church of Buckhorn for the annual Pulaski County Association Evangelism Conference. I shared the message of salvation through the use of illusions on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday nights. I was at two of the association churches on Sunday morning and Sunday evening and shared a message about telling others about our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus. I had an opportunity to reconnect with some of the evangelists that have greatly encouraged me in my ministry and to hear them preach great messages during the four day conference.

On the Thursday of the same week, the ReFRESH conference in Branson MO was taking place. I missed the Thursday evening session, but made it for Friday's morning and afternoon sessions. I had some things to get done before flying to Chicago on Saturday, so I also missed the Friday evening session.

Saturday I flew to Chicago via Atlanta and had a wonderful conversation with a fellow laborer in the Kingdom--but that's a story for another day.
On Sunday morning I shared the message in magic with the kids from Holy Trinity Church in Chicago. I stayed with Aaron and Jenny and had a nice visit.
On Monday I was able to attend the church's weekly Chicago Plan meeting.  I have always been thankful for the church's ministry to Aaron and Jenny and the way they are helping him in developing into a pastor/servant, but seeing this part of the discipling first hand has given me a greater appreciation of the work that HTC is doing in developing the next generation of leaders in our churches.

And any trip to Chicago is going to include some great food! I did enjoy the awesome Chicago Dog, Polish Sausage and Italian Beef sandwich that the Haymarket Pub and Brewery served. No, I didn't have that all in one visit, after Aaron and I had lunch there, we had to make Jenny happy by going back for dinner!

Tuesday, I arrived home in time to get to work and finish out the work week.
The week also included a lunch meeting and evening business meeting in our own Tricounty Baptist Association to complete the work of calling a new Director of Missions.
Tomorrow, we're off to St. Louis for the weekend to meet with the kids (Hannah, too) and have a day to relax a little bit.

Right now, there seems to be a lot of things going on that would indicate that the coming year will be filled with ministry opportunities. Maybe that forced day off every pay period from the government's sequestration will end up being a good thing for me.

God loves you.
Jesus died for you.

John <><

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