Monday, March 04, 2013

Mobile Posting Today

I'm getting used to my Samsung Galaxy S3 and writing my first post on it while waiting on Aaron. We're at the Lawndale Christian Fitness Center. Aaron was telling me about this church run center and all of the ways that the Lawndale Christian Church ministers to the community around it. This is a church that is really sharing God's love with the people living in the neighborhood. Too often we find ourselves thinking of mission work as something that takes place in a far away land. This view often causes us to miss the needs in our own little corner of the world. _______ It's now time to turn in so I can catch my early morning flight. I've had an enjoyable day with Aaron and Jenny. I'll write more about my trip when I have a real keyboard in front of me. John <><

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Mike said...

Real computers are better than those little bitty wanna be's.