Friday, March 01, 2013


So here it is--March 1st!
Looking back, I see that I didn't do a very good job with regular posting in February. Oh well. That's behind me now.

I've spent the past week getting re-energized. Last Saturday through Tuesday I was at the Pulaski County Association's annual evangelism conference. It was great to get to meet with my old friends and fellow laborers in the Kingdom. Just hanging out with these men of faith gets me pumped up about sharing the Gospel. Listening to them preach and receiving their encouragement is enough to really get me fired up.

I spent today in Branson MO at the ReFRESH conference.
WOW!!! Some serious motivation going on there!

Aside from the great speakers and music, I received encouragement from several of the contacts that I made during the day. I got to meet a few people that I have been in contact with through Facebook, talk with some pastors that I haven't seen in quite some time, hear reports of great ministry that is going on at some of our Missouri college BSUs and how other ministries around the state are thriving.

Although the conference is geared towards reviving, refreshing and encouraging pastors, a small time evangelist like myself also found great energy and encouragement.

All in all, it's been a grand week.

I'm still struggling with some low back pain from muscle spasms. Unfortunately, the position that seems to aggravate it most is sitting. Muscle relaxants have helped a little, but keep me from going to work. I'm not looking forward to the time I'll be sitting tomorrow as I make my way to Chicago for a Sunday service with Holy Trinity Church Chicago.

I'm certain the discomfort of travel will be nothing next to the joy of serving with Aaron, Jenny and the HTC leadership to make their annual all church service a big day for the Kingdom work in Chicago. And I'll have a couple of days to visit with the kids before I head back home.

To all of my fellow pastors/preachers/evangelists, preach hard this weekend. There are souls that are counting on you to be sharing the love and the truth of the Gospel.

John <><

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