Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Will You Talk About on Monday?

Sunday afternoon found me at Ozark Highlands Church  (OHC) to talk to a small group of followers of Jesus about sharing their faith. This was a day that I was really looking forward to.

I really love Pastor Mark and his heart for Jesus. I enjoy the conversations we have and sense his great love for our Lord and his concern for those that do not know Jesus.

In my post on The Downside of Bible Study, I mentioned about our lack of urgency to share the gospel with the people that we know and love and are living lives apart from Jesus. I wrote about our willingness to share about every facet of our lives except to tell people about our love for God and how He has blessed us and how He wants to bless them, too.

So I was wondering, dear Christian...
What will you talk about on Monday?
When somebody (co-worker, classmate, neighbor, friend) asks you about your weekend, how will you respond?
Will you tell the guy that doesn't care about football about your fantasy team?
Will you tell the woman that doesn't follow baseball about the Cardinal's mediocre weekend?
Will you complain about the weather or bore somebody with the details of your weekend when the truth is that they don't really care about your weekend? They are just asking you to start a conversation that will get to the point that you will ask them in return and they can bore you with what they did for the weekend.

I think that this Monday I'm going to tell them about the awesome church service we had at Hopedale. I think I'm going to tell them about the class I got to teach at OHC. I'm going to ask if they have a church home. I'm going to ask them about their relationship with Jesus.

If nobody asks me about my weekend, I'll guess that they've read this post and don't want to be bored with my weekend or answer my questions. If we are truly passionate about Jesus; if we truly love Him, then we need to include Him and the things we do for Him and because of Him in our daily lives and conversations.

Again today, I made the challenge for the people at OHC: Tell one person that you believe to be without Jesus these two simple sentences: God loves you. and Jesus died for you.

Would you care to join us?

John <><

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Big Sky Heidi said...

I'm glad you had a nice service, John! Have a great week!