Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Book topic ... ?

Every now and then I begin reconsidering the subject of book writing. As a matter of fact, I have a couple of collections of random thoughts assembled and stored "in the cloud" in case I should ever get really motivated to "write a book" and need a topic.

Recently, I've given thought to writing about being a follower of Jesus (Christian in the specific sense, not the generic sense) and being a social liberal. I choose to specify 'social' liberal because I don't consider myself to be a fiscal liberal, nor a moral liberal (although, I know plenty of people that would argue over that). When it comes right down to it, most liberals would consider me to be a conservative. Like most moderates, we are often shunned by the extremes of our party of choice as not being a true Republican or Democrat and naturally opposed by the 'other' party as being ... well, the other party.

The antiquated term 'half-breed' comes to mind. It seems that a reasonable amount of commonality or agreement with both sides also makes you an enemy of both sides.

While such a book might be an encouragement to those that find themselves derided by the Christian brotherhood that is supposed to show love for one another, I seriously doubt that it would ever stand a chance of being a popular topic, much less a best seller. For one thing, I have no credentials as a follower of Jesus. I have no biblical degrees and pastor no churches. As a matter of fact, I have no degrees whatsoever. I am a college drop out. I have no credentials as a writer and I still struggle with proper grammar and punctuation.

I don't know if I'm just trying to talk myself out of the work it would take or making an honest assessment of the likelihood of finding a publisher. As a preacher, I'm not really interested in preaching a social gospel. As a preacher, the only gospel I'm interested in sharing is the soul saving gospel of eternal salvation by grace through faith in Jesus.

I guess it comes down to this question:
Would such a book be beneficial in helping Christian people reconcile social differences of opinion while encouraging continued fellowship and harmony in spreading the Good News of the Kingdom of God?

Any thought?
I'm interested.

John <><


SeattleRohman said...

I would read it by virtue of you being my relation....But I might be interested in having my husband read it who is an agnostic. We are deciding to expose our young son to both Christianity and Hinduism which are part of his family heritage. My husband has reservations about entrenching our son in a religion that has too many rules and restrictions and will not allow him to think for himself. Perhaps a book outlining the spiritual benefits and joys of being a follower of Christ might help us in our search for a church community that can meet all our needs.

Mike said...

'..people reconcile social differences of opinion while encouraging continued fellowship and harmony..'

I think that would be a book about black magic.

Heather said...

I would definitely pick up a copy. It would be encouraging to me as a "moderate". I don't really fit in on either side and take slams from both on my beliefs. I would really just like us to all have a big group hug lol What a better place this would be! On a serious note...I only count for one person but I would enjoy the read.

Patrick Hill said...

Of all of the authors of the bible, I believe the only one who had a "degree" or "pastoral credential" was Paul. Can I shoot any other holes in your excuses? :-)

eViL pOp TaRt said...

John, I think your book of thoughts on this would make a difference. I hope you will develop this further, and write your book.

Unfortunately, both in the political and in the social and in the religious realm there's an expectation of rigid orthodoxy. This interferes with any dialogue and mutual coming to understand others.

Christianity does not automatically REQUIRE social conservatism.

We need to be less single-minded.

Big Sky Heidi said...

Best wishes with your book, KJohn. It will be a good one.