Friday, April 13, 2012

Time for Some Magic!

Next Saturday, the 21st of April, is the weekly series spring opener at the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland MO. It is a family event and the Missouri Baptist Convention will be there with games, bounce houses, face painting and give-aways for kids and all. There will even be a strolling magician that will be roving the crowd and having some fun. I just found out that in addition to the walk around stuff, I'll be featured on the Jumbo Tron sharing some effects from the booth! How cool is that!

I'm looking forward to this event as well as looking forward to the camps that are starting in June. It looks like it will be a pretty busy summer! I'm glad that I've been working on some new things that are outside of my normal venue of stand-up magic. I am excited about doing some of the new things and using some of the science of magic to share some real world truths.

We are having a Magic Show fund raiser for our church's Nicaragua mission trip on May 18th. I hope if you are in the Ozark area, you'll make an effort to attend and help raise the money to build a home (or two) in Nicaragua. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a great evening of fun.

I will be in northern Missouri the first weekend in June, two churches on Sunday (3rd) and a kids camp on Monday (the 4th). The TriCounty Association camp will be in session through the 7th, and I hope to make it for a night or two of that event, as well. The following weekend is the Hopedale Kids' Camp -- one of my favorite weekends of the summer! At the end of June I'll be at a youth camp for a full week. I am really looking forward to that camp as I'm working on some new material just for them. Mid July will find me back in northern Missouri for another Sun/Mon event, this time the Monday will be a one day event at another youth camp.

Although I don't have anything currently scheduled, I usually end up preaching for a vacationing pastor a couple of weekends during the summer.

I mentioned in a previous post about building towards retirement. If I could stay this busy through the spring and fall, I'd be about where I need to be to hang up the headset.

It is time to head to the Red Cross for a platelet and red blood cell donation. When was the last time you made a donation? I'm sure that you know of somebody going through chemo treatments. They will need platelets. Somebody will need blood for a surgery or perhaps because of an accident. You CAN make a difference!

John <><


Mike said...

Red Cross? Two weeks from now. Once you're in their sites they're relentless.

Big Sky Heidi said...

Donating blood is a worthy enterprise. I'll try to do also next time there's a blood drive.

John said...

Mike-I have given them my permission to call as long as they don't mind my saying no if I can't get in. With platelets they call me about every 2 weeks.

Heidi-please do. I always feel good about donating afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff in the coming months. Your gift of evangelism through your gift of magic is phenomenal!

I also want to thank you for taking/making the time to give blood.

You are a fine example of what it means to 'give of yourself'!