Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's a Small Thing...

I know that the beginning of the Major League Baseball season is a small thing. It goes unnoticed by most of the world's 7 billion people. 

But for some of us, Opening Day is more than a moment to mark the passing of time. 
Opening Day is the official end to winter. 
It is when the New Year really begins. 
It is a sign that all is right with the world.
It is a day that means we can set aside the political differences of the far right and far left and enjoy a hot dog together while cheering on our favorite team.
It means that for a few hours everyday we can forget about the battles that rage around the world and focus on the rivalries between the Cards and Cubs, the Red Sox and Yankees or just worry about the team that is opposing your beloved home team for the day.

America's Pastime for more than 150 years!

I am looking forward to the first ballpark dog of the season!



Big Sky Heidi said...

Me too, John!

Baseball is a symbol that life will go on, and it is good!

Enjoy that dog, and many more this season.

Mike said...

I don't think it's going to snow on the Cardinals this year.

John said...

Are you saying it will be an unseasonably warm fall, Mike?

John said...

Glad to hear you're a baseball girl, Heidi!

Duckbutt said...

I look forward to baseball. I plan to see the local minor league team play sometimes. I was a fan also of UNA's baseball team.

Ball park hot dogs are part of it.

Play ball!