Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Social Networking and Self Promotion

As I look to the future and to retirement from my career as an air traffic controller, I am beginning to try to set myself up for more work in the way of ministry and magic. I know that much of my work in ministry includes magic, but I would also like to do more preaching without the magic and more magic gigs without the preaching. The magic work would include schools (which I have done in conjunction with church events) and I would also like to do more corporate events (I've only done a few of these).

To this point in my career, I have done no marketing -- at all. I have participated in several evangelism conferences that did provide some good exposure to churches and pastors, but I have not actively pursued bookings for preaching, camps or magic events. Repeat engagements at churches and word of mouth recommendations have kept me as busy as I can really afford to be when you consider that I still have a full time job.

For a business after ATC retirement, I think I'm going to have to start doing some self promotion. I recently went to a seminar on using LinkedIn and Twitter to promote your business and have plans to attend a similar seminar on setting up a business Facebook Page. I'm beginning by building my LinkedIn connections with the idea of making connections that can book me for events or recommend my work to somebody that can book me for events. I haven't worked toward that end on Twitter yet, but will eventually do that, as well. I will also continue to build a Facebook Page (I've already started one) in addition to my personal Facebook. I'm also on Google+, but haven't really figured out how to use it to my benefit.

In addition to the promotional stuff, I'm setting up my 'man cave' in Aaron's old room and hope to work on some new magic for new venues. I've already booked some new types of events for the year and incorporated a couple of new effects. I'm really looking forward to stretching myself as I prepare for the next phase of life. I hope that Chris will be available and willing to travel with me on some gigs, but understand that she gets bored with seeing the same effects and most of my jobs are not at particularly exciting destinations. I sometimes drive 10 or more hours in a weekend for a morning service and an evening show. I don't mind the drive time, but understand that somebody else might not think of that as a great time!

I fully expect that the majority of my work will continue to be Christ centered and through churches or church organizations. I hope to do more camps and maybe more youth rallies or college events. In any case, if you are a pastor, youth minister, children's worker, camp director, educator (teacher or administration) or business owner, please consider connecting with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+. I hope to keep you posted on what's happening in both magic and ministry.

I am very appreciative of those that call me for work and doubly so of those that invite me back! I have received a number of great comments and recommendations and these mean a great deal. Your input has a far greater impact than any self promotion might have.

Time to practice...

John <><


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great plan for the next chapter of your life. I am sure you would enjoy more preaching without the magic, but please don't take the preaching out of the magic. You have reached more children (and adults) than you'll ever know. You have planted so many seeds. Just my opinion, for what that's worth. Please take it with a grain of salt.

John said...
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John said...

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

The magic without preaching that I refer to is magic for school programs with different messages--anti-bullying/self esteem, making good choices (we talk about drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual activity); corporate trade shows promoting the clients product or gathering a crowd for the corporate sales team; that kind of magic as a business for income in addition to the ministry.

Mike said...

Ah the ol' depends on your point of view thingy. Candice just did a post on how social networking is driving her nuts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification! Keep incorporating those positive messages in your shows. I am sure you'll go far in all your endeavors!