Sunday, March 18, 2012

Five Day Challenge

As I sit sipping my morning coffee, I can't help but think that the very real possibility exists that at this time next week I'll be sipping my morning coffee with a shaved head. Here's the post if you're not sure of what I'm talking about.

On the one hand, my co-workers are still a little short in their quest to see me with a bald head. It's possible that the only bald John they'll see is the photo shopped pic that one of them came up with to inspire a little generosity.

And on the other hand, the boys are still a little bit short of their goal so I may get off the hook that way.

And on the other hand, everybody may come through with the contributions to make the shaved head a reality and it could be "Bald John" that's sipping coffee next Sunday Morning. If you would like to make a contribution to the St. Baldrick's Foundation and help the boys reach their fund-raising goal to help with research for childhood cancer, just click here first and "make a donation" next. Every donation helps, even $5 or 10 will get the boys closer to their goal.

There are only five days between now and when I'll need to be on my way to Chicago for the event. I'm asking my readers--all of you, not just the ones that know me personally--to help out. And if you do know me personally, through church, work or ministry, then perhaps I could encourage you all the more to make a contribution. To date, only a couple of readers have made contributions (along with several co-workers). How about helping the boys to help other kids and encouraging them in a life-long habit of selflessness in helping those that are less fortunate that themselves?

SGF ATCers, you still have work to do. You're less than 2/3 of your goal! Other NATCA friends, how about it? Can I get a few of you to make a contribution?

Five days. 5:30-1:30 tomorrow followed by four mids. Then I'm off to visit the folks after the Friday morning mid, on to Bolingbrook Saturday morning and Chicago to see the kids Saturday night. The only question is will I be visiting the kids as a baldy or not?

Time to get ready for church. Praying for all of my pastor friends. Preach hard, brothers! Preach hard!


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Anonymous said...

Please make your contributions to support this very worthy cause. I, for one, want to see John as 'Bald John'. I am sure his son and daughter-in-law would enjoy that as well!