Monday, February 27, 2012

Helping Kids to Help Kids

Today I want to write about a volunteer driven foundation that raises money to fund research to help kids with cancer. You can read about St. Baldrick's Foundation here.

In the numbers for the 2011 fundraising campaign, it show that there were 40,060 male shavees. Most of them were young boys. Four of them were my nephews. For the past few years oldest brother Drew and triplets Ty, Ben and Zach (along with their dad, Mike) have had their heads shaved to raise money to support kids that have cancer. You can help them reach their goal of $1500 by going to their team page and making a contribution. If memory serve me correctly (and it rarely does anymore), they managed to make their goal and a little bit more last year.

This year I've offered them a challenge--one that I'm willing to help them achieve. I told them that if they could reach $2000, their uncle John would join them on March 24th and have his head shaved, too! To be fair, the head shaving is actually a #1 cut (faster and safer with so many boys), but if you come through with the cash, I'll go the distance with the shave!

I know that there are more than a few of you that are warped enough to want to see me with a bald head! Take out your credit card, go back to the link (I'm making it easy) and make a donation. For those of you that aren't as warped but want to help because you are kind hearted and would've contributed anyway, I thank you. Now--grab your credit card, go to the link (easy for you, too) and make your donation. It's less than a month away, so please don't put it off. Fund raising goes on even after the event, but to get Uncle John there, you're going to have to cough it up before the event.

When the deed is done, I'll post a picture here and as my Facebook profile pic.

So there it is! Would you help kids with cancer by helping my nephews to reach their fund raising goal?
From Mike, Drew, Ty, Ben, Zach and Yours truly,
Thank you for your consideration and for whatever donation you can make.

John <><

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