Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Lent: Week 2

Ending week 2 of Lent has had some grand benefits. I have continued to take the stairs instead of using the elevator at work. I've even added some trips (intentionally) downstairs on breaks. I am continuing with a day of fasting (actually a 24 hour fast) each week. I have been carefully avoiding any over indulgence. I have only had seconds once in the two weeks and have had no desserts. I've also given up fast food. The biggest thing with that is not stopping for a breakfast sandwich of some kind on the way to work in the morning.

I have fallen a day behind in my Bible reading; more from not reading the full day's amount for each day rather than from skipping a day. I have been much more purposeful in talking about church and spiritual matters in the workplace or with people that I encounter in other situations.

I'm thinking that I also need go back to a political silence on Facebook. While I don't mind sharing my views, I do realize that they often incite some fairly intense debate. So much of today's political environment is about "I'm right and you're dumb." Unfortunately, that often makes its way into otherwise civil people's discussions, as well. It is generally more subtle than politicians and pundits, but there, none the less.

So, about the benefits...

The Bible reading has been the subject of a couple of discussions at work. That's good stuff.
It also reminds me of some of the grand things that God has done and reminds me of his faithfulness still today. I think that it is through the Bible reading that I'm feeling led to be a kinder, more gentle John and less inspiring of political discourse as long as it continues to be unreasonable and divisive.

I'm less winded when I get to the top of the stairs which means that the pauses to catch my breath before actually entering the breakroom or work areas (where people might make fun of the overweight, out of shape, fat guy) are getting shorter. I've also managed to lose a few pounds (11+).

I realize that this post is mostly for me; a place to journal for my own benefit. I've considered that actually publishing this post is a bit like long faces of the fasting Pharisees. In part, it is to remind myself of what I've committed to doing and in part to see if there is any worthwhile point to it. I don't view God as a god that takes pleasure in our suffering, but I do think that the humility that comes from submission is a good thing to have before The Great and Mighty One.

Here's some Good News:
God loves you
...and Jesus died for you.

Share that with somebody today!

John <><


Duckbutt said...

You got it right John. It's not political debate, it's an occasion for venting hostility.

Amanda said...

You've done well. And writing this post is good because it reminds others, like me, to do something this lent.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't hurt to give ourselves a pat on the back every now and then as long as we know where our strength comes from. Share your commitment and accomplishments. You may be inspiring others to get closer to God by fasting and reading the Bible and not know it. You inspire me!
Eleven pounds off...WOW.