Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Testing the Waters

In July, a group of people from Hopedale will be traveling to Nicaragua to build homes for 20 families. These are not the kind of homes that you and I are used to living in; they are really just cinder block shelters. In addition to these small "homes," Hopedale missionaries will be bringing shoes, clothes, school supplies, household goods and hygiene items. They will also be sharing the gospel in Bible studies.

It is an awesome way for us to share the love of God by meeting their needs as well as by sharing the Word.

Each person that is going is paying for their own travel. Each home that is being built cost about $2000 in materials. In addition to the many donations, we have had several fund raisers to help with meeting the $40,000 that is required. This past weekend I offered to do a magic show to help raise some money. I would really like to raise enough to build two homes. That may be a little bit ambitious, but I'm really counting on the generosity of God's people. The question becomes, "How many people would actually come to a John Hill magic show?"

I imagine that Hopedale people would come; but I'm wondering if my friends from other churches would participate in this mission by showing up and contributing to this work?

We haven't set a date or even confirmed that it's a go, but I would guess a Saturday night in April or May. It will be a show for the whole family and one that you will want to share with your friends and family. As much as it is for the purpose of raising funds for the mission trip, it will also be a fun night out. I can promise that the gospel will be shared and there will be an opportunity for you and your friends to respond to God as He stirs hearts.

So, what do you think? Any interest or thoughts?

John <><


Mike said...

Claudia went to Juarez and Belize to build stuff. One of the form questions for Belize was if she dies what do I want done with the body. I said the body is coming back. I want proof she's dead and just didn't decide to stay in tropical Belize.

Anonymous said...

You truly amaze me. You are always looking for another way to serve God and spread His Word. We would love to come and watch you share Jesus through your gift of magic while trying to raise enough money to provide two families with homes. We have only seen a small portion of your magic. What a great way to enjoy a family night out!