Friday, January 13, 2012

The Windy City

Blogging this morning from the kitchen table of my son's place in Chicago IL.

It's cold (it's mid January in Chicago) and Chicago is shoveling out from its first significant snowfall this winter. I am so glad that we were here to experience it -- NOT!

We're enjoying a short visit with the kids. We keep them out late and then they get up for work in the morning and we sleep in. Paybacks are sweet!

Last night we had dinner at Scoozi's and then enjoyed an evening at the iO Chicago Theater. The improve was good entertainment and we all laughed a lot. Between dinner and the improv, we killed some time (and got out of the cold) at a 24hr Starbucks. It was packed with others that were also getting out of the cold--an interesting gathering of people.
Tonight is supposed to be much colder and we may just stay in, fix dinner at home and enjoy visiting. Why bother staying out late when tomorrow is Saturday and they can sleep in? Saturday night I'm looking forward to a UFC Fight Night and some wings that Aaron has promised are the hottest that he's ever had. I'm sure that we'll be out late again, only then it will be our turn to get up early to catch our early morning train to go home.

Again, I'm reminded of how differently our kids live than we do. We took cabs, buses, trains or walked to get where we needed to go. Although the grocery store was about the same distance from their place as a store is from our house -- we walked. I'm pretty sure that we would have skipped the cab last night if it wasn't so cold and windy and the hour as late as it was.

I'm a little bit disappointed that we don't get to go to church with them on Sunday. I like their church community. But a later train home would have cost almost three times as much as the early one, so we opted for the cheap ride. We missed the snow in Missouri and it looks as though it will be gone and the roads nice for our drive from St. Louis to Ozark. It's all about timing!

Enjoy Friday the 13th!

John <><

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Mike said...

Your only losing 11 degrees by being in Chicago. Lows - 10 in Chicago, 21 in Springfield.