Saturday, January 14, 2012

Riding the Tim Tebow Bandwagon

I'm not a big NFL fan.
Back in the day, I was a Minnesota Viking fan. Now "back in the day" was the day of the Purple People Eaters. That was  a long time ago and I can't say that I've followed the game much since. I hadn't even seen the famed Tim Tebow play (except for a few ESPN highlight clips) until last weekend.

Oh, I've heard the hype and know the story of his exceptional college career. I've heard the haters hate and the Christians proclaim him as a modern day prophet. Most people have heard of Tim Tebow. His name is brought up in conversations that have nothing to do with sports. "Tebowing" is becoming a verb in the culture of the day. NFL Playoff chatter is full of Tebow opinions.

Today, most people could tell you that he is the son of missionaries. A few may even be able to tell you his healthy birth is a minor miracle. Because of his mother contracting a parasitic infection while pregnant, she was encouraged by doctors to have an abortion or risk serious birth defects or a stillborn child. Wikipedia can give you that information if you want to check it out.

In any case, I'm not a Bronco's fan and really don't care if they win or lose. And I can't really say that I'm a Tim Tebow fan. But I am an admirer of a guy that lives his life and pursues his career in a way that gives glory to God. I wish him well.
If you follow me on Facebook, you may have already read this article.  If you haven't and can take one more rant on whether or not God cares if Tebow wins, check it out.

Does God favor Tim Tebow?
Yeah, I think so. Why? I have no idea.

Sometimes it comes down to God gets to be God and doesn't have to explain why some have it easy and some have to suffer. Truthfully, I've always figured that God has show favor towards me. I have an incredible family, a career that few get to experience with an income that is rare for somebody without a degree. I am able to travel a little, eat out too often, live well and have few wants. My needs are met. I have a few good friends and a home in a grand country. Though I am not famous nor wealthy, I am happy and comfortable. I have not been called on to suffer for God and hope that I never will be. However, should that day come, I hope that I can remember the God that has shown me favor in this life and has promised me a home in the next and serve Him well in my suffering.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned from Tim Tebow is that we should serve God well in our comfort, too!

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