Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I Would Say in Gov. Mitt Romney's Place

Let me start by saying that this isn't meant to inspire a big political debate.
Nor is it meant to be an endorsement of Mitt Romney.

I'm just wondering how it would be received if he just came out and said, "So I'm rich; what of it? I earned it. I've invested it. I've guarded it. I've sheltered it. I've done everything that you would have done if you had made the money that I've made."

"I know how to make money and I know how to run a business. I know that this is not a business that can be bought and sold. There will be no mergers or take overs. There is no outsourcing of our government. We are the United States of American and I am the best qualified candidate to serve as its CEO--the President of the United States of America. My wealth is a testimony to that."

"You can say that I'm out of touch with middle America...and maybe I am. But is that the person we want in the White House? Do we really want Sarah Palin's Joe the Plumber leading the United States? Do we want an average American with an average income leading our great country? "

"If you will send send Representatives to the House and Senators to the Senate that are serious about fixing the government machine, I will lead this country back to kind of prosperity that we once knew; back to the kind of prosperity that allowed me to accumulate my personal wealth."


I don't know what policies he'd try to put in place as President. I don't know if he can get the Republican side of the aisle to back him. I know that it will be a fight to get the Democratic side to work with him. I wish that they would all understand that they do not represent their parties; they represent their people--the ones that put them in DC. They do not represent the special interests nor lobbyists. Corporations did not vote them into office and they don't represent corporations.

Most of our elected politicians are just as disconnected from working class America as Gov. Romney is. They may not have his money. They may not have his lifestyle. But neither do they have my lifestyle or the lifestyle of my neighbors.

I just don't get the money thing. We know that he's rich. He knows that he's rich. He knows that we know that he's rich. Why not find a way to make that work for him?

Just a rant...



Big Sky Heidi said...

The Republican campaign has gotten brutal lately. Why is there this emphasis on Romney's money? Most governors, senators, and reps are wealthy. How many of the governors or senator are not in the top 1%?

Bilbo said...

Great post and excellent point, John. I don't think the average American objects to Mr Romney (or anyone else) being rich...what they object to is their inability to get rich, too ... the perception that it's easier to get rich if you're already rich. The American ideal used to be that if you worked hard and took advantage of the opportunities the country gave you, you could get rich ... but that's not so true any more. And it's sad.

Fran said...

Good point....I am already so sick of politicians!!!! I think I have lost any little bit of hope that they can understand me and my way of life. I don't believe much of what any of them say....either side. It seems everyone says what we want to hear and then does what they want to do.....Am so thankful that I have a place to put my hope in other than these guys....