Friday, May 20, 2011

Religious survey

I'm curious...

What do you believe?
And why?

I really do want you to feel free to comment and I'm not looking for an argument or debate and won't post any comments that end up criticizing somebody else's comment.  In fact, I won't post any comments that don't specifically grant permission to do so.

If you're commenting on Facebook, know those will be posted (unless you want to send a FB message) but I will delete any argumentative comments.

Theist or atheist?
Life after death or the eternal dirt nap?
Heaven and hell? Or not?
If you believe in heaven and hell, how do you get into one and avoid the other?
God follower but anti-religion?
What teachings or disciplines guide your life?
Do you find yourself putting off addressing your beliefs and living life as it comes rather than getting serious about defining your beliefs and living life accordingly?

Who is you?
Intelligent design or big bang?

I realize that I don't have a grand following and that many of you won't respond...but I want to know what you people think.  Some of you...well, I know...sort of. Others, I really don't.  My Facebook friend list and my blog readership have quite the variety of backgrounds. Though many of you are self proclaimed Christians of one denomination or another, many are not.  I would really like to get a wide variety of backgrounds and beliefs to respond.

Nothing scientific about this survey, I'm just curious.

Many of you already have an idea of my thoughts and beliefs; I'll share more of that as responses come in.
You can copy and paste the questions above, just share in an essay style, pick and choose questions to answer, e-mail me privately, even call me if you want.

No judgment.
No condemnation.
Just some free and open discussion of what we believe.

John <><

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