Monday, May 16, 2011

1st Week Fail

Okay, so it's Monday and I failed at my first week of three posts per week!

Actually, I'm cutting myself some slack since I've been without computer access this weekend and am still one of about two dozen Americans that are without a "smart" phone.

My weekend (continuing today) has been great--lousy weather--but an enjoyable weekend.

Saturday found us in the cold, windy drizzle of Chicago for my daughter-in-law's graduation.  She is now a Civil Engineer and one of only a small percentage of college graduates that already has a job in her degree field! (she starts today!)  Even though the weather was miserable, I'm sure that it was a fine day for all of the graduates.  We enjoyed a couple of meals with the combined families (Aaron's and Jenny's), got to see their new apartment, went to church with them on Sunday morning (I really like their church family), and just enjoyed visiting with our kids.

We're taking a short detour on the way home to stop in my hometown of Chillicothe IL and visit my parents. This morning I'm writing from the Chillicothe Super 8 and taking advantage of the few moments of wifi access while Chris and Hannah are getting ready.  Although I am looking forward to getting home, I had a wonderful weekend.  I even got to do a short magic show at Holy Trinity Church (west side) in Chicago!

And so begins the week...

I hope and pray that your week is a grand one.  Seek God this week. If you're having a difficult time finding Him, then stop looking for Him and start worshiping Him.  The Bible tells us The Father is looking for those that worship Him in spirit and in truth.  If you will just stop seeking and start worshiping; He will come and find you!

John <><


Mike said...

'a "smart" phone'

You and me. And I don't see one in my future.

Sicilian said...

You must be a proud dad. Glad your daughter-in-law has a job. It is a great thing these days to have a job :)