Monday, August 09, 2010

Old Bands, Old Times, Old People

There's something about watching old men play music from their younger days that makes me kind of sad. I mean it's great that they are still rockin' and rollin' after four decades; and they still sound great; and I still like the old songs; but when I hear the music on the radio, my mind sees the young men that were performing when the song became a hit. Watching them--seeing them...well, it makes me feel old. It's bad enough that the only place to hear those great songs is on a "Classic Rock" or "Oldies" radio station.

Last night, Chris and I ended "Wedding Weekend" by taking in a concert that was a reunion of sorts. All of the bands had played at the Cowtown Ballroom back in the early 70's. Four groups played from 6:30pm until about 12:30am at the new Blackoak Amphitheater in Lampe, MO.

The pre-concert music was on a small stage outside of the main amphitheater stage and featured Nathan McEuen, son of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's John McEuen. We enjoyed several minutes of this young man's music as he played his guitar and was accompanied by his world famous dad. It was obvious that they were both very proud of the other's accomplishments. Nathan also joined his father on the main stage later in the evening.

Brewer and Shipley started the concert and played for almost an hour. They told this story about one of their hits, One Toke Over the Line. I enjoyed their music which was exactly what I think of when I think of folk music.

Poco was up next and it was a very enjoyable concert. Band founder Rusty Young is still leading the group and sounding great.

It was interesting when Foghat took the stage. None of the current members were a part of the original band. The volume of the music was up quite a bit and I had to laugh as I saw several people using make-shift earplugs of some kind. (side note: there was an awful lot of grey, white, and artificially colored hair in the audience!)

The band that I really wanted to see and hear was The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They took the stage just before 10:30 and played for two hours (including the 15 min encore)! The newest member of the current band joined them 32 years ago! It must be difficult to choose from four decades of music for a single show. Wikipedia has a great history of the band and the evolution of the group since it first started in 1966 by (still the lead vocalist/guitar) Jeff Hanna.

Although the outdoor venue was hot until well after the sun was down (and humid even then) and the hillbillies and rednecks don't get the whole non-smoking venue (I guess if you're outside it must be okay to smoke), it was a nice evening out with Chris a good wrap up for a pretty busy weekend. We took back tuxedos this morning, mailed in the marriage licence and had a simple lunch. Our son is married and by now should be on the beach in Mexico. Our baby will be off to college in just over a week. Our families have gone back to their homes and soon it will be back to just me and Chris at home--just like when we first got married--no kids and no money!

Well, it was good then and I'm sure that it will be even better now!

Man, I have a good life!


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