Friday, August 20, 2010

I Get It--Sort Of

I ran across this article yesterday and am willing to understand it's meaning--to a point.

I know that technology has seemed to trump relationships in many areas. I know that people are losing the skills and abilities to build relationships--to talk to one another in polite and civil manners. But let's not blame social networks for our lack of social graces.

Through Facebook, I have reconnected with many classmates and been able to share some meaningful conversations through messaging or chatting. I've "talked" with relatives and blogging friends from around the world. We've shared thoughts on faith, politics, family life and a host of other subjects.

Social networking, e-mail, texting, tweets, etc., are supposed to be tools of communication. The six kids in my family live in six different states. We keep in touch through Facebook and e-mails. My own kids (now away at two different colleges) are much more likely to respond to a text message than they are a phone call. Because of poor cell reception at my son's apartment, I often chat with him on Facebook.

I'm a talker--aren't most preachers? I love a good conversation. I love face to face conversation (although some faces are easier to converse with than others!). If technology is getting in the way of you having decent personal relationships with people, then by all means, set it aside and get purposeful about building relationships. As for me, I'm going to pass on the technology fast. I think it's a bogus stunt meant to create publicity for a particular church and the thought crosses my mind to delete this post rather than contribute to the cause--but nah, it's written and just a click away from being posted.

Participate if you like...or send me a Facebook message next Wednesday instead!



Diana Westart said...

I will be the first to admit, I'm not crazy about technology. still like using a typewriter, get very frustrated when the computer decides better for me. But I got on fb to connect with my oldest daughter when she was in Afghanistan. It has been an amazing process of connecting with people like you and Theresa. And I probably would have never been able to see your mom and dad except thru your pictures, and btw, give them a hug from me the next time you see them! Shelby (youngest) would like a new phone (droid) with internet and her plan won't be up till April, the other amazing part is that technology is moving so fast that there will probably be a whole different phone by then and will be more advanced then the droid. But I will still keep my simple $0.01 phone, and I still hate texting!

Mike said...

No thanks. My ancestors fought to get out of the dark ages and I'm not going back.

Amanda said...

I won't be fasting either. I actually think that social media adds value to the ways a lot of people communicate. Personally, I sometimes turn to email instead of a face to face argument with Richard. Its just less heated, more objective and more constructive.

Random Magus said...

I love technology its very powerful but one has to use that power with responsibility.

John said...

Wait a minute! I just found this story through a link on the church's website:

It makes the whole technology fast on Wednesday seem less attractive when everybody is tweeting during the service on Sunday!