Saturday, May 01, 2010

One week later...

One week later...

After blogging about wasted time, I decided that I would make an attempt at avoiding the television for the week. Other than a few hours of baseball (not considered to be wasting time) I watched two one hour shows--NCIS and Criminal Minds. For the most part, I listened to the games on the radio or worked in some time on the stationary bike during the games.

Additionally, I have been one week without a soda. This is a monumental achievement for a guy that normally drinks several 20 oz. bottles or 12 oz cans per day. I've also gone one whole week without eating all. No breakfast biscuit on the way to work in the morning; no Buffalo Wild Wings or Jimmy Johns for the midshift; nothing. Okay, I did have an oatmeal raisin cookie from Starbucks...does that count?

I'm just considering how much money I spend (waste) on things like soda, fast food and eating out in general. I'm certain that the actual dollar amount would be staggering. I heard that the average family (US) spends around $5000 dollars per year eating out. As far as I can tell, we eat out more than most people that I know, although it's often fast food and seldom a "nice" restaurant. But even at a family restaurant or pizza place the dollars add up. If we kept track of that kind of thing (we don't), I'm sure that it would amaze us.

I do plan on eating at home more often. The down side to that is that I'm probably going to have to cook dinner more often...Chris doesn't necessarily share my let's not eat out so much idea! I know that it will take some time but at least summer is on the way and the grill is calling. As for the time, I'm just guessing that it takes less time to prepare, eat and clean up after a home cooked meal than it does to drive to a restaurant, wait to be waited on, order, eat, and drive home. Even a trip to Applebee's or the nearby (for us) El Charro's is a close call on time. Sure, it's more work--but that becomes a laziness issue, not a time issue. And it can be a time of working together that puts a healthier meal before us and saves the money that we would spend eating out. (By the way, budget experts say the eating out goes under entertainment, not food.)

Here is an article that puts the too busy to cook argument in it's place.

Bon appetit!



Mike said...

"my let's not eat out"

I'm with Chris. I hate to cook. It's just no fun for me.

So you better watch out. Your on a downward spiral. Next thing you know you'll be cutting your own grass instead of hiring illegals.

John said...

Maybe I should hire the illegals to cook...thanks for the idea, Mike!


The soda thing is very admirable as that is my favorite!!! I love eating out myself but cooking at home really is healthier!!!! Hope you are well!

Claudia said...

Now that you've confessed all this, we have an obligation to hold you accountable.