Thursday, May 27, 2010

Musings From My Ordinary Life

Ever wonder how you can be busy and yet seem to live a boring, ordinary life. That's pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately.

It's not that I hate my life or anything. As a matter of fact, I think that I have a pretty good thing going. It's just that it's also a pretty ordinary thing. I haven't done much in the way of magic or preaching lately, although I have a couple of camps coming up. Work is ... well, work and that's about all I'll say about that. Family life is evolving as the kids are growing up. Aaron will not be coming home this summer as he works in Chicago and moves into the apartment that he and Jenny will be living in after their August wedding. Hannah is working, saving money, getting ready for college in the fall and doing things that don't involve hanging around with mom and dad.

I really don't think that this is mid-life crisis kind of stuff, but it does have me wondering about what's ahead and why we value the things in life that we do. Here are a few random thoughts on the things that seem to matter in our society today and what I think about them:


Several people have blogged, posted Facebook status/comments or just generally complained about the President not attending the Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery this Holiday weekend. He will be at a service near his home in Illinois, where he will spend some time with family and friends (the first in over a year). I think that that's fair since that is what most of the rest of us will be doing (unless,of course, you have to work). I don't think that it has any great impact on life if the President is at a cemetery in Illinois or DC on Monday. Maybe it's just something to complain about. I'm trying to do a little less of that (complain) and trying to keep a more positive attitude about little things in general and life as a whole. Maybe for some, this issue is important enough to get upset about--not for me.


How about the Arizona immigration law? That seems to be a big issue. I've read of Arizona residents that have been treated rudely when travelling, as though they are personally beating up Mexicans where ever they find them. There is no question that something has to be done but perhaps we could make a simple start--secure the border. Before we tackle the big issue of what to do with all of the illegals that are already here, doesn't it make just a little bit of sense to stop the flow--NOW. I guess I don't see the harm in moving forward one step at a time. I know we need long term plans. But while we're fighting over just what those plans will be, can't we agree that the border needs to be secured. We can use the military, national guard units; we could build a barrier (fence/wall); anything to force people to legitimate entry/exit points.

By the way, that will cost money--so get ready to hear it from all of the "want less government" folks about...wait a minute...this is one of the areas that they're screaming that the government isn't doing enough, isn't it? Never mind. But it will cost money and that has to come from taxes (or drug money seized at the border).

I've noticed a that many are concerned about Arizona's law violating the rights of the illegals. Actually, it's the rights of the legitimate residents that would be violated unless everybody, regardless of race, is made to show proper identification/papers for what ever services are being sought. Maybe it's a sacrifice that we will all have to make until the situation is brought under control. Although I don't have any Mexican heritage, I have been mistaken as a native when we've been vacationing in Mexico. I could be a victim of racial profiling in Arizona. I guess we're going to have to decide if it's worth it or not.

It used to really tick me off that I had show my driver's license and sign for a box of sudafed. But if it hinders the manufacturing and distribution of meth, well...I can deal with it--especially in our part of the country. Missouri is a big producer of meth. "417" is the street name for meth in some parts of the country--it's also the area code for Southwest Missouri.


Lost, Idol, Celebrity Apprentice have all completed their seasons and I really couldn't care less. I haven't watched a single episode of any of them.

Are the NBA playoff over yet? Probably not. They seem to go on forever.

Hockey is also wrapping up it's season.

World Cup Soccer is getting ready to start. I like international sporting competitions. I like that while governments are at war or issuing sanctions against each other, ordinary citizens that are extraordinary athletes can play games and compete on the sports fields of the world. Fans can cheer on their teams and appreciate good plays made from either side. Too bad the world has to be so much bigger than a soccer field.


Around the world, there are still people that are recovering from earthquakes, mudslides and other disasters. Those things that aren't in the news aren't so important today--unless you're one of the ones that is still struggling to get your life back together after losing everything and everyone.

The stock market continues to be influenced by bad debt and big banking on a global scale. The housing market in our area hasn't really had much of a rebound. The oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico and threatens the coast of our southern states, as well as the industries that rely on the Gulf waters and beaches.

I know that it sounds dreadful. But in my little corner of the world, things aren't so bad. Maybe it's all in the attitude. Maybe it has to do with weighing out the importance of the issues. Maybe it's just about deciding that I'm content to let God be God, and I'm trusting in Him to take care of my eternal soul. After that, everything else just seems to be small, too small to get excited about.

How are things in your world? Are you getting wrapped up in the worry of the world? Are you hiding in the fake reality of some producer's idea of what life is supposed to be like?

What's important to you? and Why?

While the big stuff goes on and makes the news, I still have to repair my HP mini. I still have to mow my yard. I still have to lose some weight. I still have to ..., you get the idea. I still live out this ordinary, semi-boring life.

And that's okay with me!



Mike said...

"I still live out this ordinary, semi-boring life."

You know, comments like that are usually followed by, "You'll never guess what just happened."

Sicilian said...

Whewwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeee. Not sure where to start, but as for kids growing up and doing what we raised them to do. . . . it is your opportunity to enjoy doing fun things with your wife. . . . . If you look at it as a job well done. . . . pat yourself on the back. . . . . and know that you will always be the dad. They now come around because they want to not just because they have too.

Claudia said...

Your awareness is deepening of the coming "sea change" in your lives. It is making "ordinary time" for you and Chris rather extraordinary. None of us is ever certain what tomorrow will bring, so I think you're also saying you care about the hurts elsewhere in the world caused by natural disasters, etc., but you are grateful for every passing day in the place where you are planted, and you do the best that you can there, knowing change could come swiftly or not at all. Mike and I are in a similar position. It's all good because God is with us, and we also have positive visions of the immediate future because of the dreams our children share with us.