Friday, October 30, 2009

Something Different

Today I had the wonderful privilege of entertaining a small group of senior adults at The Fremont in Springfield MO. The Fremont is a retirement community that has a regular guest on certain Friday afternoons. This was the second time that I've been asked to come and share some magic. (It really is nice to be asked back.)

Since the venue for these folks is more intimate than I'm used to performing in, I decided to use some of the effects that I really like but never get the chance to perform. I love close-up magic. It is the magic that I enjoy watching. It is the magic that I most appreciate the work and skill of the performer. Unfortunately, it is also the type of magic that I never get to perform. Since I don't normally have the venue to perform close-up magic, and since it really does take a LOT of practice to perform it well--I never spend the time practicing to performance level skill.

For today, I chose a few simple effects and worked them to be able to wow my audience. I hope that they had as much fun as I did! I'll need to work on some more close-up effects and develop some venues for performing. I don't know that it is something that I would use as a ministry opportunity--I would just like to find a venue to perform some close-up stuff. After all, shouldn't a magician be able to perform anytime, anywhere?

Gotta go practice...

John <><

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Claudia said...

Change in perspective (and God's motivating angels on earth to ask you back) has rejuvenated you!