Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorting Out the Trash & Guilty as Charged

Late last night I was taking some time to delete the abundance of old e-mails that have accumulated in my inbox. (Because of the ridiculous amount of storage on G-mail, this isn't really necessary.)

However in doing so I ran across an e-mail from a couple of weeks ago that really nailed me. I subscribe to the postings from James Emery White on Serious Times. This one is titled Of Bitter Blogs. You'll quickly see why the second part of my title today is Guilty as Charged. Isn't it odd--the things that we think we can say because we have the inside scoop on how God feels about a given people group or situation?

At first glance, this may seem like another post that is directed at others--it is not. It is a post that hit me...hard. The human part of me wants to say that I am justified in sharing my feelings on my blog. Freedom of Speech--right? But if one were to apply the once popular WWJD (What would Jesus do?), some how I think that I would have a very difficult time debating with Jesus the merits of my post. The Bible teaches things that are quite different from our human instincts. Things like--loving our enemies, giving our coat as well as our shirt, going farther than the law requires, respecting authority, having the attitude of a servant.

I know that I have (on more than one occasion) said that I need to quit blogging about politics. I think that I'll make the commitment to quit blogging in a hateful or hurtful manner--no matter what the topic is. That way I can freely express myself--I'll just have to choose my words more carefully.

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The Magic Utopian said...
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Mike said...

There's a big difference between frustration and hateful. Hateful people go out of their way to inflict themselves on other people.