Saturday, August 08, 2009

No News

I've realized that I've posted much less frequently this summer. I also know that a part of that is that I just haven't felt much like writing. However the biggest factor is deciding not to write about bad news, downer, negative rants. With much debate in Congress about healthcare reform and how to stimulate the economy, there has certainly been plenty to write about. Truthfully, I've even stayed away from much of the newscasts lately. Things in my little circle of life are not that bad. In fact, things are going pretty well.

Not perfect...but pretty well. You remember the car breakdown from a few weeks back, right? I may have mentioned no raise for three years, the Cubs were ahead of the Cardinals for a few days last week, ...anyways, you get the idea. I am finding it easier to stay focused on what's good around me.

The Bbile instructs us to focus on the good things. It really helps to keep my mood better, my attitude towards other better, my everyday demeanor...better. I am a much better person when there are no negatives pressuring my thoughts. I've been doing much better in my Bible reading as well. This has also helped to keep me focused on the right things.

Today I just want to ask you...Where is your focus? Are you thinking of good things or stressing over bad things. Are you focused on the differences between people or learning to see the things that bind us together? Do you let other people's negative attitude bring you down?

Guard your heart, guard your attitude. I've learned that it's better if I just avoid some people.

I hope that today finds you well. If you're a little down or stressing over matters, find a release. I don't mind allowing my friends a place to vent. We all need a little help from time to time. Hopefully, we all like to help one another from time to time.

If you're up...give somebody a hand. If you're feeling a little down, reach out...find a helping hand. (my e-mail and phn # is in my bio info)

Take care,


Mike said...

This months Discover magazine has a long article on the state of the air traffic control system. Not that you don't know that already but it's out there in print too.

Sicilian said...

Great post John. . . . I too have not posted a lot this summer. . . . I have lots of thoughts. . . . we live in the deep south and life is well because we have jobs in our household.
Since there are many people who do not have jobs. . . . well I think there is much to be thankful about in our home.

Amanda said...

I enjoyed the post a lot. Usually, when I have negative thoughts, I just push them aside. And, I always feel bad about if I'm not dealing with something. Well, sometimes, the negativity is to do with making some sort of decision or outcome of a decision that I just don't want to think about.

Sometimes, when something negative is hanging over me, I just feel sleepy the whole time. And I end up sleeping it away. Very often, things resolve themselves but I don't know whether that just because I'm lucky.