Monday, March 24, 2008

Car Troubles...continued

So Aaron has is car back and is home for spring break. The other night (Sat) on his way home from listening to a friend's band play in Springfield, he hears a loud noise from under the hood and notices that the battery light is now on and he has no power steering. I assume that he has broke a fan belt (or two) but he makes it home ok. This morning I take it to the shop and it turns out that the crank pulley is missing. It would seem that whoever owned this car last did some pretty sloppy work to be able to sell it. This was just a matter of not having tightened the bolt. Anyways, by tomorrow morning and after another couple of hundred dollars Aaron's car will be road ready once again.

Then...just before I need to leave for work, Hannah comes in and says that the Tracker won't start. This will be a simple fix as I think that it just needs a new battery, maybe just to repair the cable connection. I didn't have time to take care of it before leaving for work so for now we have four vehicles, but only two of them are operational! Maybe I'll need to saddle up the horses!

As I read what I've just written, one has to pause and think, "How bad off are we?" We are a family of four drivers with four cars to drive. I guess we've gotten pretty spoiled!



Mike said...

The best is yet to come. Wait until he buys his first house! Enjoy the small problems while you can.

Bilbo said...

Your situation sounds like ours from a few weeks back: three cars for two people, and two of the three out of commission. I'm really looking at the horse option...I could have transportation AND a live-in source of manure for my garden.

Amanda said...

Car troubles on this side of the world too. And its just 1 car to share between 3 adults here. BUT, I'm lucky to have the driver to be able to shuttle all of us back and forth.

Anonymous said...

four cars for four drivers. Yep, that doesn't leave much room for complaint, even if there are car problems.

By contract, big apartment fire here left 200 low-income families homeless. One displaced family: a couple, their two year old child, and a brother in law. In a studio apartment! That's four people in a one room apartment. Man, sometimes I feel money stress, but my life is pretty darn good.

Sicilian said...

John. . . I often wonder how others survive. . . . . I am very blessed. Food on the table. . . . working cars. . . warm dry house.