Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bummed Out!

Today I had to turn down a job that I really wanted. I received a call from The Children's Choir of Southwest Missouri to perform at their annual concert. This would have been a great opportunity to perform at wonderful venue and get some really good publicity. The problem for me is twofold.

First of all it would require a huge modification in what I would normally do as far as performance. Every effect would have to be angle proof due to a choir beside me, the audience before me and a balcony above me. The effects would also need to be quick (about a minute in length) and memorable enough not to be considered a distraction. I know that many magicians perform without patter (talking) and use background music while they perform each magical effect. I, however, am a story teller. For the most part, I perform to teach as well as entertain. In a forty minute school assembly on making good choices I may only use eight effects. In a typical church venue I would use six or seven effects for a half hour program. I am afraid that trying to distill each effect down to a minute or so would reduce the magic to a trick.

The second problem comes in that the concert is April 19th. If I were a full time performer and could devote the time to retooling my act or finding new effects to present, it would still be a challenge. As it is, I have a full-time job, two other performances in March and a five day revival the week before the concert. All of this in addition to the normal deacon's meeting, three meetings for the Tri-County Baptist Association, Spring Break, Easter, etc., etc., etc.

I feel bad that I am unable to help them but hope that they realize that they have been planning this event for some time. They secured their MC (local TV personality, Ned Reynolds) some time ago. I, too, need the time to prepare for the event. I wouldn't want to present their audience with a mediocre product and wouldn't for anybody to think of me as a mediocre magician. It's a case of no publicity being a far better thing than poor publicity.

I wish them success in finding a magician that can meet their needs and help to make the evening a memorable one for the audience. However, the audience is really there to hear the wonderful music of their children. In the end, that is what the evening is all about. Perhaps, you'll even find me in the audience!



Kevin said...

Sometimes you just can't make it happen but it wasn't for a lack of trying. There's always next year.

Say John...if you don't mind me long before you're eligible to retire? You'll be one of those guys who wonders how you ever did all you're doing with a full-time job.

Bilbo said...

So, what kind of magician is it that can't do sleight-of-entire-body tricks?? Golly....

Mike said...

Two days and no comments. It's either because everybody thinks your to busy already and don't want to harass you. Or you've been to busy to moderate your comments.
Either way, on April 19th you are hearby ordered to take the day off. TAKE A BREAK JOHN!
Hey, I have an idea. You can get up on the 19th, drive to St. Louis, come to my house and watch me sleep late.

John said...

eligible 1-7-2012. That's 3 years, 9 months, 30 days or an even 1,400 days!