Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slacker Blogger

Alright. So I haven't posted much this month. I have been spending time studying, researching and trying to prepare sermons for the upcoming weekend. I have also been getting a little (very little) bit of reading in and believe it or not--I've been trying to work on some new magic. Anyways, all of that has kept me from taking the time to write here.

Oh yeah, and one other thing that has taken up way, way, way too much of my time--over Christmas break, Aaron found a stash of classic computer games that are now on my computer. Games like Tetris, Rattler, Pipe Dream, Rodent's Revenge, Jezz Ball and a whole host of others. When I can get the computer away from Chris, I have a tendency to want to play just a few games before getting busy with work and then end the session prematurely to play a few more.

It's been years since I have played many of these games and I had forgotten just how addicting they can be. I fear that intervention may necessary to reclaim my wife. I could always just delete the games from the computer but I'm certain that would be grounds for a divorce and I would lose the computer in the settlement!

Well it is time for a quick game and then on to sermon prep!

Is carpal tunnel surgery painful?



Mike said...

I'm totally with you on the procrastination thing John.

zero_zero_one said...

Is carpal tunnel surgery painful?

Oh, the number of times I've asked myself that very same question...

Bilbo said...

Wow, Tetris!! Agnes is frantically trying to find Tetris to load onto her portable game player, but it seems that it's an "old" game, and no one sells it any more. What a bummer. It occurs to me that a really good magician ought to be able to conjure up an interactive game that would write sermons while you play. Just a thought. No need to split the royalties on it when you create it.

Sicilian said...

I love those old games too. We found duck hunt and the old mario at home . . . I don't start because I can't stop. . . It would probably be a great weight loss tool for me.

Mike said...

All right everybody, nobody commented on my procrastination comment being one post late.
WAIT! I get it. Everyone else is going to wait until Johns NEXT post to make a comment about my late post. Hey, you guys are smarter than I thought!