Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Feel Good Story

Imagine that you've just come to the end of your dream vacation. You had planned it and looked forward to it for many months. It was everything that you expected it to be and more. You have dutifully recorded your "vacation of a lifetime" by taking hundreds of pictures.

And then just as your vacation is coming to an lose your camera! You return home sick about having lost all of those pictures, all of those memories. And then a couple of weeks later, from half way around the globe, you receive the news that your camera is on its way home!

In a day when so much of the news is bad news, I just wanted to share a really nice story. Somebody went to a lot of work to find the camera owner and their story should be shared! Talk about your Golden Rule, these folks really put it into action!


Makes you want to do something nice for someone, doesn't it?


Amanda said...

I like this feel good story and always believe in returning things I find because I could be on the receiving end one day.

Kevin said...

Great story, John. Not only did they not keep the camera but they made it a mission to find its owner. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome! I feel as though it is rare, though.