Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's been just over ten days since my last post and you're thinking John has his computer back and will once again grace the blogging world with his wisdom and wit...right?

Well I am back and blogging, but it's not because I have my computer back. The reason that I don't have it back yet is because I never sent it out. Now I have to wait until mid February after I've finished the winter round of evangelism conferences around the State of Missouri.

The first is the State Conference and I am very much looking forward to it. I have been asked to speak in the Monday morning session and I am pretty stoked about it. I'll have more about my message in a later post. The three weeks following the state event I'll be at associational conferences in the Mineral Area Association, Laclede Association, and Pulaski Association. I really enjoy these events as I get to spend some time with some of the finest people I know. They are great encouragers and mentors. I learn a lot just from hanging out with them. I also get to meet many of the pastors, youth leaders and children's directors from around the state. It's about the most fun a guy can have during the Missouri winter!

I also have a couple of other events on the calendar and the year of '08 is looking to be another busy one! God is good!

On a completely different subject...

I just finished reading a book called The Magician and the Cardsharp by Karl Johnson. It is a dual biography of the greatest sleight of hand and close-up magician of the 20th century--Dai Vernon, and his gambling counter part--Allen Kennedy. If you're a magician, you will really enjoy the history and the stories that surround Vernon and his quest for perfection. If you're a card enthusiast, Kennedy's story and the world of gambling in the Mid-west during the 20's, 30's and 40's will surely be of interest. And if you just enjoy reading up on a bit of Americana, you will like the work that Johnson put into this book. Put it on your list of books to read--$15 at Barnes and Noble.

Aaron and Jenny are back to their respective colleges for the spring semester. It was great to have them at home and now we are once again delegated the role of parenting from a distance and transitioning to letting them loose to face life on their own.

C'est la vive.


By the way, I'm trying to save time on my blog reading by using the subscription features on your blogs. If you have one, I'm reading your blogs as you post them via Google reader. If you don't see me as a visitor, don't worry--I'm still reading. It just saves me from checking when you haven't posted anything. You can do the same at the very bottom of my page.


Amanda said...

Hi John, its good to read you again. I'm always amazed at how many roles you have in life...parent, evangelist, air traffic controller, magician! What a full life you have.

Have fun at those conferences you'll be attending!

Kevin said...

I tried to be a magician (and a clown) once for my daughter's 10th birthday party. I was Squawky Potatochips. I learned some tricks and developed a great appreciation for what it takes to be a clown/magician. I'd be happy with being a competent juggler but I'm not there yet.

Good to read you again, John.

Bilbo said...

Good to see you back, John! I need to figure out the subscription thing for my blog as well.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Good luck with all that. So much going on! :)

Steve said...

I whipped out a new magic trick (or was it an illusion?) for the young'uns in West Virginia. I think they were disappointed because it was actually pretty good. I don't think that anyone was expecting something real (they thought they were going to get to see me poke my head through a ring, or some such thing).

Sounds like life is good there.