Friday, November 23, 2007

The Hill Family Clan

Okay, ready or not, here we are.

This is my family; these are our families--from oldest to youngest.

This is my sister, Theresa. To the far left is her husband, Mike and she is flanked by their two sons; Jason and Justin. Mike and Theresa are in the Oklahoma City area, Jason in Florida, Justin in OKC.

This is me with my wife Chris with Aaron and Hannah. Before you all feel the need to comment, it has already been suggested (several times) that I update the photo on my blog to reflect the more mature (older) me. Trust me, the younger, thinner guy without the grey beard is in there somewhere.

Steve is here with Austin and Laura. They are in the DC area (Maryland) with Laura a college sophomore in Minnesota.
She plays rugby, Austin plays soccer.

You can see that each of the three oldest kids have two children. I don't know what got into the younger three. It's like they're having a contest or something.

This is Mike and his wife Christine. Between them is Andrew and in the front are triplets Ben, Zach and Ty. They are in the Chicago area.

Mary and husband Chris (yes, that's the third spouse named Chris or Christine!) live in the Indy area with Joe, Haley and Amelia (left to right).

The youngest sibling is Pat. He here with his wife Jeanna and daughters (left to right) Amber, Morgan and Grace, and son Ryan.
Pat is in the Navy and stationed in Virginia.

For anyone not counting that's six kids, five spouses and seventeen grandkids (from age 29 down to 1+). Add in Mom and Dad for thirty in all. We are Republicans and Democrats, meat eaters and vegan, from big city suburbs and from small towns. We are in management and we are in labor unions. Some of us have dealt with divorce and custody issues. We go to Catholic, Baptist, Christian, Assembly of God churches...or not at all. Some are musically inclined with instruments or voice and some can barely play the radio.

Each one of us kids lives in a different state and we rarely get to see each other. But we are family. We have a blast when we are together. You would like my family. If you wandered into one of our gatherings you would soon be assimilated. You would want to be a part of us. We always have other friends and relatives that want to hang out with us. When you're with us, I can promise that you'll laugh. We laugh with each other and we laugh at each other. We tell stories about our kids and our lives and we love to hear others tell their stories.

Mom and Dad are here, surrounded by the rest of us. This is my family. Can you tell that I love them all?



Random Magus said...

You have a beautiful family. May God bless your family always....

John said...

Thanks, Amber.

Amanda said...

I really really loved this post. You do have a beautiful family. I would have loved to have grown up with so many siblings.

Bilbo said...

What a fine looking family! You can see my somewhat crazy family by checking out my post-Thanksgiving blog entry from this morning. And don't worry about updating your photo - my photo on my blog is about 4 years old. At least the dog is now fatter than I am!