Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another Milestone

We have reached another milestone at our home--Hannah has her driver's licence!

Yes, my baby is driving. It was about this time last year (when she was getting her learner's permit) that I was reminding a friend that Hannah was just a baby when we met. I asked him, "Doesn't that make you feel old?" His response was, "No, but it makes me feel like I have a friend that's old!"

I remember the day that Hannah first learned to ride her bike. We didn't see her all day! I knew then that I would be in trouble when she got her driver's license. Now she is feeling like she has this license to freedom but is restricted because she doesn't have her own car to drive and can only drive when and where we let her. (Like having her own car would make a difference!)

This morning I'll get home from work in time for her to skip the bus and drive my car to school. She has plans to take a friend to Starbucks after school, then straight home; a little freedom but not quite like the freedom she must have felt as a five year old riding up and down our country lane to all of the neighbors' homes. I know that we'll soon have to buy another (fourth) car and that it will make life easier for mom and dad, but I'm just not sure that I'm really ready for my baby to be growing up. Although she is somewhat of a free spirit, I know that she is a responsible girl. She is getting good grades and stays out of trouble. But she's still a teenager and subject to the irrational thoughts and actions of a 16 year old. What's a dad to do?

Like any other father of a newly licensed 16 year old, I guess I'm left to pray hard and warn everyone I know---Hannah's got her license!



Amanda said...

When I got my license, my parents allowed me to drive the yellow submarine. It was a bright yellow station wagon with no power steering. That helped with keeping my adventures to a minimum.

Bilbo said...

Because my birthday is in November, my father had an advantage when he was teaching me to drive back home in Pittsburgh many years ago...he took me to the enormous church parking lot after the snow had been plowed, so that I could drive around a vast open space surrounded by huge piles of snow. Dad's not so dumb...