Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Post 9-11 Posts

There has been a number of "Remembering 9-11" posts in the past week. I would like to encourage you to read The Day America Went to Church by church planter/pastor and friend, David Stone.

Part 2 deals with the Sunday immediately following 9-11, and Part 3 with the Sundays that follow after that.

David captures the feelings of a country and gives a perspective that a young pastor had then and the struggles of a young church today.

The country's turning to God in times of crises and the apostasy we find just a few years later is told over and over again in the Old Testament stories of Israel. We are poor students of history when we make the same mistakes; when we fail to surrender completely to our God and hold on to our stuff (our ways) for when better times return.

Hope you'll forgive the blogging by proxy, but I doubt that I could have said it as well.


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