Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogging Habit

I've found that I have been returning to several blogs on a regular basis. I've decided to add these to the Blogs I Frequent section in the right column. If you join me in reading them, you'll find a small community of writer/readers among many of them, plus a couple of others that I've found to be interesting, informative or amusing.

I'm not yet willing to admit to becoming a blog junkie, but I do look forward to reading these pretty much on a daily basis. If you find yourself returning to any of these pages, leave them a comment and tell them that John sent you. I'm sure that I'll see it, too.

Even though I know these bloggers only by what they have written, they have become my blogging friends and it is a pleasure to introduce you to them.



Amanda said...

Hi John, Thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving very useful comments. I'll enjoy going through the blogs you have listed.

Serina Hope said...

I am so flattered. I can't wait to check out the ones that are new to me. :)

Bilbo said...

Thanks for the link and for your comments over the months. I'm turning into a bit of a blogging junkie (look for a pending post about that!), and have found myself rearranging my already-hectic morning schedule to make sure I post my own blog and read everyone else's. As if there weren't enough things to occupy our time already...