Friday, June 08, 2018

UFC Weight Cuts

I'm aggravated.
If you are not a fight fan, you can move along. This is a UFC rant.

The main event for tomorrow night's UFC 225 card is no longer a Championship fight due to one of the fighters missing weight. This year, fighters that have missed weight and gone on to fight are 7-1.
While missing weight isn't a clear indicator of a fighter's fighting ability, it does say plenty about their professionalism and their attitude towards the sport, the fans, and their opponent.

To be honest, I've never really understood why the weigh-ins aren't just hours before a fight. Why is a fighter allowed to fight at a weight far above the class? If every fighter cuts weight and then adds 10% body weight before the fight, how do they gain an advantage?

Fighters have a contracted amount of money (show money) to show up for the fight and a separate purse for winning. Contestants that fail to make weight, often have give a percentage of their show money to their opponent and are not eligible for any performance bonuses. I'm beginning to think they should be penalized their entire show money purse. After all, they failed to show up for the fight on weight. It is obvious that the current penalties are not enough.

There are still good fights on the card and I know that I will enjoy the evening out with Aaron.
But the UFC is going to need to address the weight cutting issues. I'm not alone in being aggravated.

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AuntieAllyn said...

I believe I've mentioned before that Stan's older daughter is a Muay Thai fighter and coach. Last year, she was scheduled to fight at Madison Square Garden . . . but the fight was cancelled hours before due to her opponent not making weight. Mary was so disappointed! She offered to fight at a higher weight class but the judges wouldn't allow it. I don't think she got much (if any) compensation for this fight, which just isn't right!