Sunday, June 10, 2018

Chicago Trip: the food

It's a rainy Sunday morning in the Windy City. The kids' softball is a rain out, but I was already up and showered so I have some morning quiet time while they catch up on some sleep.
The time to visit always seems so short.

I did manage to try a couple of new places to eat. Thursday morning I took a walk to Dona Torta Mexican Restaurant for some huevos rancheros. There are plenty of good, authentic Mexican restaurants and food carts in the area around the kids' home. There is a market right across the street from the restaurant, so I picked up a few things and made dinner before the kids got home from work.

Friday I had a Chicago staple at a little tavern/grill -- The Billy Goat. I had the "combo" which is Italian sausage and beef with peppers on a hoagie. It was what I expected and I enjoyed the old, familiar flavors.
Friday night we went to one of the kids new favorites -- Masa Azul.
Oh. My. Goodness! We shared an assortment of tacos and they were all delicious!

Saturday was a return to a familiar favorite -- brunch at Haymarket.
My only real decision was choosing between the Riot sandwich or the Morning Riot on the brunch menu. I went with the Morning Riot.
Saturday's evening meal was from the United Center's concession stands as Aaron and I were there for UFC 225.
I've gotta tell you -- Chicago knows their hotdogs! As much as I love the all beef dogs at Busch Stadium with grilled onions, 'kraut, and mustard, it is tough to beat a well made Chicago style hot dog!
Did you know that Chicago has more hotdog stands than it has McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy's restaurants combined?

I'm not sure what I'll have to eat today before I start homeward. I'll only ride to Metamora IL today and spend the night with my parents. After a brief visit and a short errand with Dad tomorrow morning, I'll be on the road to Ozark.

Church group night at the Springfield Cardinals on Tuesday night (dollar dog night),
Weekend camp at Baptist Hill on Friday and Saturday (15th and 16th),
Preaching locally on the 24th,
And an overnight trip to Grand Oaks Assembly for a children's camp on the 28th and 29th.
Life is good.

John <><


AuntieAllyn said...

Chicago is sorta like New York, food-wise . . . so many great places to eat, there’s no excuse for eating a mediocre meal!

Mike said...

I didn't know there was more than one Billy Goat. I've been to the one on Michigan Ave. ... I think...

John Hill said...

This was on Ogden.