Saturday, June 03, 2017

Jesus is my friend

Jesus is my friend is the theme for Day camp at Baptist Hill. Day camp is for our youngest campers. They are preschool age.

During this morning's "Meet the staff" portion of the day, the Camp Manager and summer staff introduced themselves to the kids and parents and told a little about what they would be doing for the day.

Typically, the summer staff doesn't do a lot of the daily activities for camps that come here. The summer staff is the worker group for the camp grounds, not for the individual groups that come to camp. Day Camp and Intro to Camping are the two exceptions where they are the leaders for Bible study, music, and crafts.

When it was my turn to introduce myself and tell a little bit about my part at Baptist Hill, I wanted the kids to know that this is a place where they can come for many years. For these little ones, this is their first exposure to Baptist Hill. I told them that I have been coming to kids camps long enough that I have now done weddings for some of the kids that came to camp as children!

"That means he's really old!" was what I heard from one of the summer staff!

Yeah, some days that's how I feel.
But not today!

I sat in on the first session of Bible story time, but decided against visiting the craft and music sessions. I am enjoying sitting in the sun, sipping a soda, and listening to the sounds of nature as I share these thoughts with you and get ready for our worship time. Looking at the little kids and their parents makes me realize that I am probably older than some of their grandparents. I suppose that from their perspectives, I am really old.
I guess I can live with that.

I had a nice ride out to camp this morning -- 50 rural miles on the motorcycle with classic rock on my helmet radio. That's a pretty good way to start any day and just what I needed to prepare myself for a day with a bunch of kids. I'll probably need a longer ride to help me get my mind right afterwards!
Some days it takes a lot of curves to get my mind straightened out. This might be one of them!

Jesus is my friend
Something for adults to be reminded of, as well!

John <><

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Jeanetta Chrystie said...

I remember Baptist Hill, lots of gravel in my knees, lots of new friends, lots of good times connecting with God and nature.