Monday, May 29, 2017

My Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day in the USA.

Memorial Day is a day that is set aside to honor those that have given their lives in service of our nation. It has been said that Memorial Day is a day of observation, not a day of celebration.
Many veterans recognize that this is not their day; it is a day to honor the ones that didn't make it home.
I think that we should also remember the ones that made it home, but are a part of the 22 veteran suicides per day.

To the family and friends of these fallen heroes, you have the gratitude and sympathy of this humble citizen.

It is customary to use the holiday weekend to give summer an unofficial kickoff.
Although the celestial beginning of summer is still three weeks away, this is the weekend when swimming pools open, lakes will be crowded, and many bbq grills will be fired up.

No special plans for us as Chris is working today.
During my career as an air traffic controller, there were many holidays that I was working while others enjoyed holiday time off. Today there is little difference from one day to the next. One of my senior cousins fed me this little bit of information as I entered retirement -- You don't get days off in retirement.

He was right.
I guess if I am to take a day off from retirement, I'll have to get a job.

While Chris is working today, I think I'll take a nice ride on the motorcycle.
I also need to take care of a couple of household chemistry projects in mixing some homemade weed killer and some mosquito repellent for the lawn.
The weed killer is made up of white vinegar, salt and a little bit of dish soap.
The lawn spray mosquito repellent is made up of cheap beer, blue mouthwash and epsom salt.
I've not tried either yet, so I'll let you know how well they work.

During your holiday activities, take time to remember.

John <><

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Mike said...

When I was a repairman at the phone company I worked a lot of holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years day included, like I'm sure you did.