Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tax Weekend (and other bad news)

Due to a lump sum disbursement of some retirement funds in January of last year and a little underestimation on my part, we are left with a sizable tax bill this year.
Always the procrastinator, I am usually a late filer any way. With the extended deadline of April 18th this year (due to a DC only holiday that normally falls on the 16th being shifted to Friday the 15th) and an amount due, this will be the latest I've ever filed my taxes!

I have actually been one of those guys at the post office late on the night of the 15th back in the day when we had to actually mail our returns, so I will be earlier than the last minute this year. It will just be on the 18th.
(Btw, next year's tax date will also be the 18th.)

In other bad news...
I am grounded again!
A second flat tire on my motorcycle has me temporarily restricted to a caged vehicle (car) or some form of personally powered transportation such as walking or riding a bicycle. Ugh!
I may need to look into some roadside assistance on my insurance plan. Fortunately, I made it home this time and didn't notice the flat (and the offending nail) until I went out to ride yesterday.
It'll probably be mid-week before I get around to getting it fixed. I think it is supposed to be raining most of next week, anyways.

Enough with the bad news!
Last night Chris and I were heading in to Springfield to go to a Springfield Cardinals' baseball game when I received a text message from a former co-worker (soon to be fellow retiree). He said it had been a while since we'd been out together and wondered how we were doing. We decided to skip the ballgame and met them at a place on Commercial street that had a live band. We moved to a quieter place later and really enjoyed visiting with them for the night.

We did miss a winner at the ballpark but Chris and I will be in St Louis on Monday night as I cash in on my Christmas present from the kids and we take in the first Cardinal/Cub ballgame of the 2016 season. I can almost taste the ballpark dog!
I imagine that I'll be at more than just a few of the Springfield Cardinals games this season. After all, I am off on most days that they have home games! I'm also looking forward to a couple of St Louis day games. Don't kid yourself, this retired life is not easy!

Have a great weekend!
John <><


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eViL pOp TaRt said...

Enjoy some great baseball, John Hill! I'm sorry about your motorcycle's flat, and hope you're back on wheels again.

Big Sky Heidi said...

I'm sorry you're getting a big tax bite, John!