Sunday, April 03, 2016

It Is Opening Day!

Today is the day that baseball fans have been waiting for!

It's said that at the beginning of every season:

Each team can expect to lose 50 games.
Each team can expect to win 50 games.
The remaining 62 games will separate 1st place from last.

I'm glad that the season is 162 games. It is longer than most sports season and I love that it is an everyday kind of game. I would be frustrated with a sport like football where you only get to watch your team one day a week and only for 16 games a season. I know that football fans are great fans, it's just that their season is so short and they have so few games to cheer for their team.

There are a lot of expectations for the coming six months. I know that some teams that are expected to do well will suffer injuries and setbacks and may not fare as well as the experts predict. Other teams will play well above their preseason expectations or make late season runs to make the postseason.

Although I am not the fan that many are, I plan to enjoy the coming six months and will waste many hours watching baseball. I don't participate in any fantasy leagues, but I'll manage to make a few ballgames in St. Louis and a few more AA games in Springfield. I may even make a trip to watch the Royals play in Kansas City. I'll eat a few dogs and bask in the sights and sounds of America's past time.

Life is good...

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Life is good! Play ball!