Sunday, February 14, 2016

Social Media Changes

I've finally done it!

Last fall I said that I would soon delete many of my "friends" from my Facebook account. I did open a page for magic and ministry and have invited my followers to "like" it. If you are on Facebook, I'd invite you to do the same. You'll find my page here.

My Facebook account is now mostly my family and relatives, schoolmates from the past, some controllers that I have met or would like to meet, a few of my blogging friends and a few writing friends. There are others, of course, and if you would like to reconnect you can make a request.
If my contact with you was from a ministry connection, you may want to make sure that you have liked my other page to keep up with my ministry work, or you can subscribe to this blog. You can also make a connection through Twitter or a professional connection through LinkedIn.
I have kept a few church friends but if I see you on a pretty regular basis, I've probably dropped you from Facebook. I figure that if we see each other and are friends, perhaps we should just talk to one another.

Even though the idea behind social networking is to make more connections rather than fewer connections, my plan is to compartmentalize them better than in the past. Besides, I was reminded today that I am anti-social (Thanks, Mom!). My Twitter and Instagram accounts are pretty much open and anyone can follow them. LinkedIn is a professional networking account and so I will use it as such.
All-in-all I have deleted another 100+ accounts.

I expect there will be some consequences. Hopefully, they won't be too negative.

Be well,
John <><

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Mike said...

"I was reminded today that I am anti-social..."

And the point would be?????!!!!!