Monday, February 01, 2016

Personal Writing Challenge

It is February!
I am looking to make February a month for writing! In January I had a grand total of 28 posts -- 18 here at Out of My Hat, 7 at Healthy Living (by an unhealthy guy) and 3 at Amateur Cigar Smoker.

For those that have been reading for some time, I am sure that you have noticed that my posts have taken on more of a personal diary type composition over the years. I hope to be a little bit more informative and entertaining in the coming year and to include a little more variety in my posts. I know that it will often still be based on personal events, but hope to add more insight, making it less about what I did and more about what I think (not that anyone really cares about either). Eventually, some political posts are bound to creep in during this seemingly eternal election cycle.

I am a little behind on my cigar smoking reviews. I was able to sample a number of cigars on our trip, but I didn't take the time to review any of them. I'll be posting some of those reviews this week.

I also intend to post more often at Healthy Living. I hope to post more about healthy eating as well as about keeping up with my exercise goals. I don't really expect that an overweight 55 year old guy is much motivation for others, but it does help to keep me on track and accountable to myself -- so I write.
And I do hope that (maybe) the occasional recipes will find their way to the tables of a few readers.
Truthfully, there are very few readers of any of my blogs, fewer of the other two. Writing them is really more of an exercise for me.

My plan is to post everyday in February. If you see that I've missed a day at Out of My Hat, check out my other blogs. It'll probably be at one or the other of them -- or you could just follow them, as well. I'm sure that there will be days when I post on more than one of my three blogs. I do link to all of my posts on Twitter. You can follow me there @magicianary.

Fair warning -- I do plan on one more vacation post this week. It will be more of a review of the resort where we stayed. Again, I doubt that it really matters much to anybody -- it's just something that I want to do.

Read to learn.
Write to share.
Be well,

John <><

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