Saturday, June 21, 2014

Weekend Reflections

It's Saturday evening and another beautiful day in the Ozarks!

We spent the day on Table Rock Lake with friends and had a nice dinner out. Hannah and her boyfriend bailed on the dinner portion of the day, opting for a nicer venue and less crowded table to celebrate their one-year dating anniversary. Kids!

I'm sitting on the deck with a cool drink, nice cigar and my laptop. The light is quickly fading from the sky and I think that life is pretty doggone good!

I ate fairly well today so it's not too big of a deal that I went for the hand breaded, deep fried tenderloin tonight. Mmmm! It was pretty tasty. I did skip the side fries that normally goes with the fried sandwich, figuring that one fried food per day is plenty. I also determined that the ciabatta bun was okay since I skipped the bread at lunch and loaded my tuna salad into halves of an Anaheim green chili pepper (also quite tasty!).

I think that I'm going to start setting aside time for writing.

I haven't yet determined if it will be everyday or days when my schedule is better for setting aside blocks of time. I have determined that the only way to actually be regular about writing is to set aside the time for it. I'm thinking of about three days/week that are generally good for me. It may be more, but I may just start with those days and times and go from there.

Of course, then I need to figure out what I'm going to write about!

I may go back to the idea of writing about Characters. It's a label that I started some time back but only wrote a few posts. You can check them out here and tell me if you think it would be worth spending some time on.

The real danger in regular writing is making sure that the filters in my head are set correctly so that I don't just go on a rant and start offending people at random. Maybe write one day, read it the next would be a good practice before publishing...

Have a great Sunday!

John <><

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