Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekend Conference and more

It is a nice Saturday morning in the Ozarks and I'm taking just a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee before getting things ready for the Pulaski Association Annual Evangelism Conference.

It looks like the weather will be good for this year's conference. We've had some pretty bad years in the past. I think that I will be a little bit more ambitious about looking for bookings this year than I have been in the past. I would like to do more in the way of preaching revivals. I know that I do get calls for magic events, but would also like the opportunity to preach more often.

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On the health front...

I've added a couple of apps to my phone that are helpful.
One is a pedometer and it is nice to know how many steps I take in a day. I'm a bit of a pacer so I take a good number of steps in addition to the daily walk. The other is a calorie counter that also can be set up to encourage exercise. Both are from Noom. I am using these in addition to Run Keeper that I use to keep track of walking and running. Both of these have social features and if you are using them, feel free to connect with me.

I've decided to try running again, but am going to have to have some foot issues taken care of. I managed to run a full mile on my second time out, but took a little over ten minutes to do it. I have to admit that although I was happy to complete the mile, I am a little embarrassed by the time. I am a long way from being a runner!
Oh well, some thing to work for...but I probably need to stick to walking until I take care of the foot.

Chris and I went ice skating this past week. It was my first time. I think that we will continue. At my pace, it isn't really exercise, but I'm sure that it can get to that point.

Today was day three at less than 218 lbs. That means I can claim -40 lbs since I started last June. Eating better foods keeps me from feeling hungry and eating too much. The calorie counter is helping to recognize how daily counts can climb without realizing it. I need to keep the fruits and vegetables up more than I have been. The low calorie density keeps me filled up without the calorie count. Over all, I'm pretty pleased with how things have been going.

Time to get busy! A little bit of magic tonight and preaching tomorrow morning and evening! Monday and Tuesday off work for the conference then back to ATC.

Have a great weekend! Be well!

John <><

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