Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random Notes...

It's Saturday morning and I figured that I should throw something out there. Writing this morning is a bit of an exercise in forced writing since I don't necessarily feel like writing or have anything that I want to write about.  It's as good excuse as any to continue to sit on the deck and finish another cup of coffee before getting around to doing anything meaningful.

Another work week has come to an end and I find myself thinking more and more about retirement--still working out the fiscal numbers to make that work without handing over a large amount to the IRS. Chris found a house that she really liked and we made an offer last week. The owner countered, we counter-countered and haven't heard anything so I'm guessing that's a no-go. Retiring in Missouri might not be the best idea given the graphic in this article. I don't like MO falling into the lowest healthy life expectancy at age 65. Maybe there's still hope for a beach retirement...

I have a great job...and I still enjoy working. But there is usually at least one place that I can think of everyday that I would rather be. Most days, it's a list. I am looking forward to doing more ministry things when the time comes. Even though I don't particularly like being around kids that much, I recognize that God has gifted me to talk to them in ways that they can better understand His Word and His love. Maybe it's just that I appreciate and embrace the simplicity of His love for us. I've found that the deeper I go into studying the Bible; His plan, His love becomes more clear because of its simplicity--not because of its complexity. Reading books by scholars and theologians confirms the simplicity of what I already hold to be true.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to tell the kids at Hopedale's Vacation Bible School (VBS) about how much God loves them and how he has demonstrated that love. Ten kids made professions of faith, proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior and eight others are candidates for baptism.
That's some pretty awesome stuff!

This week I'll share some magic with kids in the Springfield Parks summer program and also with some families at Hopedale during an evening celebration of a week of work by a team of youth workers that will be here from Houston TX.

It's cool that I've already booked a couple of events for 2014. I'm glad that there are people that are planning that far in advance. If you are a planner for summer camps, VBS events, or even just a pastor that is planning a vacation and needs to fill the pulpit for a weekend; now is the time to schedule your speakers/entertainers/preachers.

Next month we'll be bidding our days off for 2014, followed by bidding for vacation leave. Even though I'm retirement eligible, I'm still about halfway down the seniority list. I believe that a Saturday/Sunday days off line will still be available to me. Fortunately, many of the more senior people like the additional pay for working Sundays and leave the weekends to lower seniority people.

I get to see my sisters tomorrow (briefly) and the whole family will be together the following weekend. I hope that you have the opportunity to be with the ones that you love. If not, give them a call, send them a text, make a contact. Life is too short to let the opportunities of a digital age pass you by.

John <><

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